PPS condensing chimney

Condensing chimneys: Advanced sealed combustion chamber appliance flue outlet connection everyday name. The essence of a closed combustion chamber, the combustion air / oxygen / we lead directly into the machine, while the resulting product of the combustion unit fan in the pressure tube is removed. The condensation technique is that exudes water vapor in the combustion gases, condense, the device appears as a useful heat. The flue gas - similar to the turbo-proceed a variety of solutions exist: - Room with independent air supply mode / no air supply / - Room air independent mode --- Separate system / air-introducing tube, a second / --- Pipe in pipe system / air intake pipe on the outside of / construction: Each case piece starting with the first element, in which, or the device is measuring emission points should be. The annual inspection of the chimney through the measuring points can examine the chimney, so it is very important. Gauging occurs, it is necessary because of the pressure test. Kodenzcsapdát not be placed over the drain of the device removed. / Unless the manufacturer provides. / Then the fittings and pipes of the necessary amount, properly secured. The flue gas exhaust our special end piece ends with several exist. The most common diameter "pipe in pipe system" 60/100mm case, short drainage, the 80/125mm hosszabbakra, split system, 2 x 80mm. In any case, let's look at the device manufacturer's specified maximum lengths are driving, they are not exceeded.